Sunday, September 1, 2013

Vegan MoFo 2013: Kombucha Themed

My obsession with brewing Kombucha began with a MoFo post (this one in fact) and I've been brewing ever since! While I do not subscribe to the health benefits associated with Kombucha I have been enjoying experimenting with various brewing techniques, evident by these posts. In all honesty, I enjoy brewing Kombucha a lot more than I like drinking it! I'm a weirdo! :)

Check out this hilarious video: KOMBUCHA "shake it" from tokiori on Vimeo.

I've enjoyed brewing so much that I have taught several classes (here and here) on the subject. I also put together a little how to zine available here. (Vol 2: Experimental Kombucha Recipes coming soon!)  

I even put together a little online course. If you enter coupon code 'vegan' you'll get free access! Click the Photo to be escorted to the site! :)

This Vegan MoFo is going to be full of Kombucha themed posts, including recipes, how-to's, FAQ's and loads more! If you have any kombucha questions you want addressed let me know! (email: Of course if you live in Toronto and need a SCOBY or some K-brewing advice - Hit me up! :)

If you need some Kombucha reading material check out my past posts: here


  1. Oooh thank you for this!! I started making hooch maybe 5 months ago and I was doing really well but lately my booch is always bad (vinegar-y) so I look forward to reading up and fixing whatever I'm doing wrong!

  2. What a cool theme for MoFo! I tried kombucha in the USA this year and have had it a few times here, not sure if it's something I want to try making but I will check out your instructions :)