Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kombucha: Bottling

Bottling kombucha is an easy process. Gather a collection of second hand bottles with tight fitting lids or purchase bottles specifically for bottling kombucha. Any type of bottle will work however snug fitting lids will result in a higher carbonated kombucha. Bottles can be swing top or capped (beer bottle style) or screw top bottles or even mason jars with lids.  

Add a flavoring agent to each bottle and pour kombucha into the bottles to within a few inches of the top (to allow for carbonation). It's easy to pour kombucha into bottles with the aid of a funnel or a glass measuring cup with a spout. After bottling, allow the kombucha to sit at room temperature for a few days to increase carbonation. Place in refrigerator when bottles are sufficiently carbonated as the cold temperature will lessen further fermentation.

WARNING: Sealed bottles will build up carbonation pressure which can result in 'bottle bombs' or exploding bottles. Avoid exploding bottles by refrigerating kombucha, paying attention to how long a sealed bottle has been in ambient temperatures, and paying attention to how much additional sugar (in the form of fruit juices) has been added to the kombucha. The kombucha bacteria and yeast will continue to ferment, through the consumption of the sugar in fruit juices at ambient temperatures

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