Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kombucha: Trying new flavors

While I am a big proponant of experimenting while brewing kombucha I have been less than experimental when it comes to post-brewing flavoring. I tend to experiment with the liquid substrate rather than the final flavoring components. However I was intrigued with the early reference to hops as a flavoring agent in kombucha and I had to try it! And since I was rummaging around in my fridge for hops I decided to rummage for a few more flavors. 

 Starting from the far right we have: hops, blueberry, blueberry and ginger, and mint tea.

And in the brown bottle is wasabi peas.

Approximatly one tablespoon of each ingredient was added to kombucha that had fermented for seven days. I will leave these at room temperature for a day or two and then I'll start opening them! 

What are your favorite flavoring combinations? Experimental or not! 

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