Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kombucha: SCOBY Formation

During the fermentation process, SCOBY's can form in many weird ways. They can be bumpy or smooth, white or off-white, super thick or very thin. If you are new to brewing many of these incarnations of SCOBY formation can appear to be the beginnings of a ruined batch of Kombucha. If you think you ruined your batch - just wait longer! Chances are good that your SCOBY is forming in a weird way. Here are a few pictures of SCOBY formation!

 (Day 1: The Mother is visible)

(Day 2: SCOBY formation looks similar to surface tension)

(Day 3) 
(Day 4)
(Day 5: First signs of carbonation)
(Day 6: Yeast formation - brown strings off bottom of baby SCOBY)
Remember that this is just one batch of kombucha! Don't worry if your batch shows signs of carbonation (or any other factor) at a different time

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