Sunday, September 29, 2013

Kombucha: Vacation

It's the end of Vegan MoFo and you want to go on vacation! But what will you do with your SCOBY? Will it stay alive? Will you have to repurchase/regrow a new SCOBY when you return? 
There are three options for SCOBY storage while on vacation.

1. Drying - If you leave a SCOBY at room temperature for a week or so, flipping regularly it will dry out and you'll be about to resuscitate it into kombucha madness. Check out this early post about drying SCOBY for more information (and a fabulous gif!)

2. SCOBY Motel - Extraneous SCOBY can be stored in a jar in the fridge covered with a mixture of fermented and unfermented tea. These SCOBY will slowly ferment - getting larger and consuming the unfermented tea. I cannot seem to throw out a nice, white SCOBY so I have a few motel's in my fridge.
   3. Just leave 'em - The easiest option is to simply leave your kombucha fermenting. When you get back your tea might be vinegary (but there are uses for that!) but your SCOBY will be huge, healthy, and ready to start a new batch! After a one month vacation I cam home to these huge SCOBY!

 Check out my online kombucha brewing course (free access here) for more k-brewing advice! (That's the last time I'll mention it during MoFo I swear! ;) )

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