Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello MoFo 2012!

Technically I started blogging last September but I think of MoFo as being my blogging birthday. I am pumped for this MoFo! I love how active the online vegan community becomes in October - so many lovely comments and reads!

My theme this year is : Toronto! I will be posting reviews, food essays, and finds about the great food community that Toronto has. I've been away for a few years and it's so amazing to be back.

I will also be table-ing at my very first zine event this month - Canzine Toronto 2012! My zine for this event is entitled "Winged Snail Eats: MoFo". It chronicles the journey through my personal favourite posts of last year's MoFo. Here's the links to those posts. The zine also includes a few food essays, a favourite blog post or two, and an excerpt from an upcoming project.   

Happy MoFo!

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  1. My dream is to up toward Toronto one of these days so I cant wait to for your theme!