Monday, October 22, 2012

MoFo 2012 Roundup: Version 1

Yesterday was Canzine, where "Winged Snail Eats: MoFo Edition" was released into the world!

Forcing myself to actually make some of the awesome and innovative recipes that show up during MoFo resulted in some good eats! I'm thinking I'll do it again this year and make the MoFo zine a regular occurrence. Here are some posts that are on my radar so far this MoFo!

1. I love hominy but have a very limited scope of use (bean salads and black bean soup) so this hummus recipe seems like an awesome idea! 
2. I do not usually go for vegan foods that look/taste like their meat counterparts but these vegan bacon wrapped scallops seem interesting - especially with the recent Friday Night Dinner tradition in my family.
3. Peanut Butter cups are always a favourite. I have always made the classic cup. I really should broaden my PB cup recipes for there are some awesome combos out there. Like Pumpkin Pie!
4. I have really 'gotten into' chutneys but with my recent canning addiction I think I should!
5. I am in love with the sweet, earthy flavor of blood red beets so I think these beautiful red buns! 
6. Cinnamon tincture? Whisky? Fall drinks are the best!

Leave a comment and let me know which one I should not leave off the list for next year's MoFo zine! 

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  1. I think doing another 'zine is an awesome idea, and it's so cool that you did it last year too! Way to make the most of MoFo! :)