Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cask Days

We are headed to the 8th Annual Cask-Conditioned Beer Festival tomorrow. I am excited and worried at the same time! We have built this festival up to be the mecca of cask beer but I am worried that it will be too crowded, too expensive, too annoying, and too loud. We are kind old people, after all! I've been reading several Guides to the festival so I'll leave you with those!

The Obligatory Cask Days Guide Post 
A Guide to Cask Beer 
10 Tips to Maximize Cask Days 
Cask Beers: Five Beers to Try 

We are planning on making a short list of beers we want to try - but we prolly won't plan that much. Everything is better on Cask and these are good beers to start with - so it will be prolly hard to find a truly crappy beer! On tip said to not think too hard about the first beer - I agree. Get in there and wet your whistle! 

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