Friday, October 12, 2012

Pie class!

The first time I took on pie making, I followed the crust recipe to the letter and wound up with perfect, tender flaky crust. Elated, I declared myself crust goddess! The real crust goddess must have cursed me for such blasphemy for I am now unable to make even a half-ways decent crust. So when I discovered that @NFFTT had teamed up with @leDolci to offer a pie making crust I signed on the dotted line!

George Brown Culinary graduate Jenna Hossack lead us through the process of crust making. She knew instinctively when to pause to show us what the crust should look like. (Read a NFFTT interview with her.)

The entire class concentrates as we make crust and fill our pies!
The secret to perfect crust? Use a pastry cutter as doing so will prevent overworking the dough.

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