Sunday, October 28, 2012

Review: Bloordale Pantry

The Bloordale Pantry (1285 Bloor St W) has a classic, kitschy diner atmosphere. The tiny booths for two adds to the cozy, authentic diner feel while making sense in small physical space. If alone, you can choose to eat your brunch at the bar on a line of red stools. There is a convenient little shelf in front of the stools (under the counter) that would nicely hold a wallet or book. The back wall is covered with kitschy kitchen goods that I pined after. The lights and tiling fit the theme but the roof tiles did not.
The menu has a few vegan options including pancakes, salad, and a veggie burger. I started with the frothy, thick hot chocolate that was very rich even when made with soymilk. For brunch I had the special of coconut banana french toast, which was entirely too mushy. The pepper shaker on the table was preground and the hot sauce bottle was very dirty. They had a few micro brews available in bottles.
The atmosphere at the Bloordale Pantry is very cute and the staff is friendly enough, but I probably will not be returning because ultimately my choices are based on the quality of the food and mushy french toast isn't gonna cut it!

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