Saturday, October 6, 2012

Indie Alehouse

We accidentally walked in on Indie Alehouse's soft launch, although my husband has been opening the door and peaking in for weeks now. I assumed he was already on the banned list! He wasn't and we took our usual places at the bar. 

Things looked surprisingly smooth for their first day. The decor is pleasant - tin roof, pale blue paint, and polished wood. The bar height is too low for my liking. The taps are located on the back of the bar in a vintage refrigerator (but in a good way!) It was very easy to wave down the owner who we talked to about beer for a while. I appreciate the fact that he was easy to find and interested in talking to us. The staff was friendly. I expect that Indie Alehouse will attract a lot of hipsters! 

They'll be open regular hours starting Tuesday and will have a beer on cask and brunch so expect a more detailed review! 

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  1. That beer looks great. Sounds like it could be a great place.