Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Review: 3030

On occasion, 3030 feels like a house party for hipsters. There is the boisterous mixed gender group playing pinball. The weird, slightly greasy, loaner hipster reading a philosophy text. The ageing couple speculating and gestating wildly about the nature of art. And us. Drinking beer and making up gossip about the hipsters that surround us. 
The real reason to visit 3030 is the beer. The bar has taps with beer ranging from Flying Monkey, Junction Conductor, Church Key, and Iron Spike. If you cannot make a decision (which is a problem we frequently have at 3030) the bartender is happy to offer advice. Real advice from an actual beer drinking bartender! The only real negative is that the bar does not have stools but the back bar is at the perfect height for leaning. I appreciate places that think about how customers will interact with and in the physical space of a restaurant or bar.

The hipster house party vibe made me feel uncomfortable and out of place, so I would recommend avoiding 3030 at peak bar times. This is no real hardship for almost every bar is better at 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon than at 11pm on a Friday night.

3030: 3030 Dundas Street W

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