Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Eating the Web: Katz and the state of things.

1. While the Popinator may encapsulate all that is wrong with Western society... I'd still buy one!
2. As you can tell from my "From Scratching" tag, I enjoy making when the rest of the world buys so homemade coconut butter seems like a good idea. 
3. Sador Ellix Katz, the godfather of fermentation, visits Momofuko Noodle Bar. 
    A. I thought he lived on a commune 
    B. His "Art of Fermentation" is already on it's third printing
    C. He started with a zine!
    D. Read about it here
4. Pick-your-own orchards represent all that is wrong with America in this article.
5. And of course, the state of food writing.

I'll be back in October for Vegan MoFo. My theme will be Toronto.
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