Monday, September 24, 2012

Picnics and Bikes: The last moments of summer

I love picnics. I love biking to some remote and interesting part of this great city. And simply hanging out. No matter how much I love them, I can never manage to satisfy my picnic urge. All to quickly it is September and picnic season is coming to an end. 

The summer got away from me this year. Travel, moving, planning and bam hello October. Maybe this will be the year I get in some fall and winter picnics! 

I've compiled a few picnic DIY's to motivate a late season picnic or to encourage some winter crafting (and next summer planning!) 

1. Picnics aren't picnics without straws.

2. The food of a picnic can be carefully planned or more impromptu (PB&J anyone?) but the picnic basket is a crucial aspect. Something functional is a must but something cute makes the picnic experience special. This tutorial is for butcher paper picnic baskets. 

For me, picnics and biking go basket in basket. I brought home the frame of my latest bike project.  Meet Austen.
He doesn't look as spiffy as this version, but come picnic season next year he will!  

If you missed picnic and bike season this year, check out my pinterest boards - Bike Happy and Picnic

What will you miss most about summer?

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