Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dough: Making a sourdough starter

Alright, this month is all bread! Breads of every kind - yeasted, quick and sourdough. Yes, the dreaded sourdough bread. But don't be a-feared! Sourdough breads are easy, fun, and tasty! Oh-so-tasty!

The important thing to remember is that a sourdough starter is basically a pet! You have to feed it and make sure it is happy. When the pet is young, it requires much more care but once established it only requires weekly/monthly attention. It's fun to name your starter - mine is called London - why? because if Paris Hilton had a child she would name it London....

Day 1
Mix 1 tablespoon rye flour, 1 tablespoon whole wheat flour and 2 tablespoons pineapple juice. Stir. Cover. Let sit for 24 hours.

Day 2
Repeat day one.

Day 3
Repeat day one.

Day 4
Mix 1/4 cup of starter, 1/4 cup of all-purpose flour, and 1/4 cup water.

Repeat day 4 for about a week.

After starter is established, you can leave it in the fridge for a week. When you want to use it, remove from fridge, let it come to room temperature then feed it.

The starter will get stronger and stronger each week and each time you use. Use it frequently and it will start to make really great bread!


  1. I am so excited I found your site. It's so funny I have a book all about breads and was thinking maybe I should bake breads all month but sadly realized I didn't have the time. I can't wait to read about your adventures.

    Couple of questions:

    Can you put the started in any type of bowl / container or are there ones to avoid?

    Do you need to keep the starter in a dark area before it goes into the fridge or can it be stored anywhere?

    When you get to Day 4 you are mixing those ingredients and they go back into your main container correct? (in other words with any starter that wasn't mixed)

    Thanks and Happy MoFo!

  2. I've always been curious about the whole "sourdough starter" process. It seems like some people keep them forever. I think I'd call mine Esther.
    Maybe if I'm feeling extra ambitious this month, I might even give making a loaf or two a try! :D Thanks for the info!

  3. Thanks for this--it's simple and useful! Pineapple juice: I never would have thought of it!

  4. I've always wanted to try making bread, especially sourdough. I can't wait to see your future VeganMoFo posts all about bread! :)

  5. oh, you're my new favourite mofo blog - I half toyed with the idea of doing a bread theme before realising that would mean only having anything to blog about on weekend days...
    Very keen to see some more tips and tricks over the month! : )