Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Food Waste: Check in

I have been challenged to try new recipes as a consequence of my goal to reduce food waste.

After making mashed plantains last month, I had a solitary plantain languishing on my counter for days. It was slowly turning black and I wanted to use it up so I googled and made sweet plantains. They were sweet and yummy and would be divine over icecream.

I tried an interesting coffee recipe after reading about guilllermo on this site. It was definitely an interesting way to use a lime!

I ruined a batch of bread this weekend. This has happened to me before, and in the past I have thrown out the dough wasting cups of flour! But no more! I am eating delicious pizza, the crust made from the bread failure, as I type this.

Vegetables that have been languishing in the fridge (yes, celery I am talking to YOU!) get thrown in the freezer for stock before they go bad.

I also got to enjoy some delicious lemon icecream made with left over meyer lemons!

Overall, my resolutions are going well! I have yet to throw any food away and find I am enjoying the challenge and the creative use of some of the food items.

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