Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I remember visiting the neighbours over the Christmas holidays when I was a child and watching these wonderful creations being deep-fried (and consumed by the dozens) before my eyes. It was dangerous and beautiful. For years thereafter I have been on a search to recreate that experience. First I had to discover the name of these creations - Rosettes or Timbale Irons - and then I had to track down an iron for myself. 

I could have simply purchased an iron, but I like to use vintage kitchen equipment when available (and when it won't kill me. e.g. I won't be plugging in my 1940's waffle maker!) so I have been on the hunt for a vintage Rosette iron for about five years. Thankfully, I ended up in a thrift store and snagged an iron, with three designs for $5.

After practically jumping up and down, and after correcting the store clerk (No, those aren't cookie cutters...) I began to worry that this quest would end in disappointment. After all, the taste and experience of those first Rosettes were unlikely to have survived, unaltered, in my memory. However, these Rosettes seem to taste better in the present than they do in my memory.  

I managed to recreate a childhood Christmas memory with the help of $5 and a pot of hot oil. Christmas miracles are everywhere.

No recipe for these light, puffy, deep-fried treats as they are decidedly un-vegan. Veganizing them will be the first order of business for next year's holiday season! 

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