Thursday, January 19, 2012


Hey guys,

Lets get a little personal here... I will be finishing up my MA in the spring and plan on taking the next 16 months off (before my PhD). I want to experience some living (and get out of the books!) I plan on trying new things, cooking new things, and having some fun.

One thing that is already set up is a 2 month, 1500km, bike ride around Ontario. I will be participating in the Otesha project 'Water Works' bike tour. I have to fund raise just shy of $3000 dollars.

If you want to donate, you will have my thanks!
If you have a blog, and would like me to guest post about my biking experience, food, recipes, or whatever I'd be glad to do it.
If you have a blog, and would like a link and spotlight on my blog, I'd be glad to do it.

Thanks so much! Here is the link to the fundraising site:

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