Monday, January 30, 2012

From Scratching: Vegan Butter

I few months ago I heard about vegan butter churners via twitter. I was intrigued and a quick google search later I was in possession of a vegan butter treaty. I do worry about the inclusion of refined coconut oil in this recipe but I follow the author's advice of moderation.

The big benefit of this recipe is that it eradicates reliance on a big business ie Earth Balance. I believe that all big business have the potential for abuse (of land, of people, of resources) and Earth Balance's use of palm oil is prime evidence of this. This recipe takes 15 minutes of active time and an hour of freezer time as well as having a long storage time frame making it easy to have homemade vegan butter in a hurry.

I made the Regular Vegan Butter and my only problem was that my soy lecitin granuales were old and had changed color and were sticking together. This made it hard to incorporate the granulates into the mixture. I think I will see if I can find some liquid lecithin for future butter making adventures.

I have had pancakes for supper twice in the last week just so that I can have some of this butter. It melts on pancakes beautifully. I think it tastes very similar to butter but I haven't had real butter in almost 5 years and was never a huge butter eater!

I recommend you give this recipe a try and I will definitely be making more vegan butter in the future. 

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