Thursday, January 5, 2012

Eating the Web: Children, Liver, and Graphic Novels.

The Internet is always buzzing with food related news, links and articles. I thought I'd compile some of my recent favorite reads.

1. A chowhound thread filled with tips for dining out with babies and toddlers, while further solidifying my desire to never have children has also solidified my belief that noisy, annoying children are the product of bad parenting. Good table manner at home equates to a good dining experience for all.

2. The "This American Life" podcast recently aired their Poultry Slam 2011. My husband brought the third act "Latin Liver" to my attention. A Spanish poultry farmer has discovered a way to make ethical foie gras. This is a very interesting listen. For me, it brought up issues relating to food studies in general as the assumptions held concerning fois gras have been largely untested. There is obviously value in studying food academically, from various disciplines.

3. What makes a family recipe special? Maybe it isn't the origin of the recipe.

4. The award for the best fruitcake story of the season? A 70-year-old fruit cake!

5. I am hesitantly looking forward to Anthony Bourdain's graphic novel "Get Jiro". I am not an avid graphic novel reader but I think that a food themed graphic novel may be interesting - also, Bourdain is an asshole, which is always fun.

How have you been Eating the Web?

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