Wednesday, February 1, 2012

News for February

I thought January was a busy month but February is going to be mad crazy for me! I have a lot of academic work to do and will be presenting at several conferences this month. You can check out for more information on my academic endeavours.

But as for food in February, a delicious twist of fate finally has my husband and I together over Valentine's Day, for the first time since we were married four years ago! I hope to cook an Ethiopian meal inspired by Papa Tofu loves Ethiopian Food. That's about as much as I can foresee for February!

I will be posting doing a blogging marathon entitled "My Vintage Kitchen" which will highlight and tell the story of some of my favorite vintage kitchen pieces!

Happy cooking everyone!



  1. Is there a special reason for Ethiopian food for Valentines Day? I love Ethiopian food, Paul & I had our first date at an Ethiopian restaurant! :)

  2. No special reason. Papa tofu loves Ethiopian Food is a wonderful zine, which I haven't cooked enough from. Bob and I have yet to go on a first date!