Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Vintage Kitchen: Whisk

What is it?
An old whisk that has no identifying marks and some lovely chips of red paint on the handle that points to it's glory days.
Where did I get it?
This is the whisk that we used at the cottage when I was a kid. I remember my dad calling this the world's best whisk. I can only remember him making a few dishes that were family favorites, but I did learn a few interesting cooking tips from him. Some of which are

a. green relish in tuna fish is divine
b. a little soy sauce in a flat soup gives it a kick
c. spread pb on first with a heavy hand, then use a light one to spread on jam - that way they won't smear and get the knife all dirty.

These family secrets are now revealed on the internet - Sorry, Dad!
I looked for a whisk similar to this for close to five years, finally I got my parents to send me the original! Now I see them everywhere!
Do I use it?
I haven't used it yet.

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