Friday, October 4, 2013

Coming Home to the Kitchen

As a gourmand, I enjoy spending time in the kitchen. When I have had a hard day, I head to the kitchen as the process of cooking is often more valuable to me than the consumption of the food created. The world can be a scary place and we all need somewhere safe and comfortable to come home to. While many individuals view the kitchen as a place of drudgery and oppression – an unpleasant link to our base nature this series will teach you how to make the kitchen your safe and comfortable place – even if you hate cooking and are fundamentally lazy in the kitchen! The information presented is designed to increase your kitchen-related motivation and inspire you to get into the kitchen!

Topics covered include... 

- shopping for vintage kitchen wares         - kitchen motivation         - Salad Basics

- Inspirational Quotes                  - Gourmet Tips              - Resources

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