Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Coming Home to the Kitchen: Tips to Enjoy Eating

Eating is a necessary and often repeated aspect of our lives – we might as well make the best of it! Here are some hints to help you turn the unpleasant task of eating into a daily joy.
Make every meal count.
We only have so many meals to enjoy throughout our lives so make each one count. Do not waste a meal on street meat or fine dining unless you really want to eat it. Eat things that surprise you. Eat things that excite you. Eat things that count.

Location! Location! Location!
Buy a kitchen table. Pull out your linens or good china. Sit on a real chair. Play some mood music. Go on a picnic. Eat a sandwich in the park. Have a conversation around the table. Eating is about more than simply feeding the body because meals have the potential to create community.

Buy an apron.
Has your cooking gone stale? Do you rely on a few tried-and-true recipes? Do you dread meals as a result? You need some inspiration! Buy an apron. Take a new cookbook out of the library. Buy a new kitchen tool. Try a new food. If you enter the kitchen with a smile and a spirit of adventure the quality of your food (and your life) will improve!

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