Friday, October 11, 2013

Coming Home to the Kitchen: Eating the Web

1. Everyone KNOWS that cooking dried beans saves money and tastes better but I simply cannot get my stuff together enough to do so. Chickpeas are especially difficult to cook from their dried state for some reason – I always end up with hard chickpeas. Apparently boiling chickpeas with a little baking soda speeds up the process by quite a lot. 
2. Of course, another option for cooking dried beans is the dreaded, explosive pressure cooker! Who hasn't heard a story about these things exploding? Here's a post to ease your discomfort with the pressure cooker. You'll be eating tons of beans in no time at all! 
3. Tired of eating plain old apples and oranges? Try these beautiful fruit platters as a way to get your fruit in a new, visually pleasing way! 
4. Breakfast is one of my least eaten meal especially during the week. I do enjoy making pancakes on the weekend but I could definitely use this list of easy breakfast ideas. 
5. I rarely follow recipes – especially when it's zero hour and I have 20 minutes to plan something for supper. I tend to make a lot of bean salads (especially in the summer when I can't bear to turn on the stove or oven!) I follow a lot of the improvisation tips outlined here. This specific recipe for tomato and white bean salad seems perfect for my cooking style! 
6. Meal planning has been on my list for ages and ages. This post acts as inspiration for my slacker habits while this article on protein in a vegan diet reassures me that even if I eat three meals of beans I'll live! :) 
7. Gluten-free bread intrigues me (even though I love my gluten!) but baking your own seems utterly inapproachable! That's why I love this post that really breaks down the steps of GF baking! 
8. As autumn approaches a guide to creating the perfect fall soup seems very appropriate. 

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