Friday, October 25, 2013

Coming Home to the Kitchen: Eating the Web

1. Hosting a dinner party can seem intimidating but check out this very chill post on the subject. You can do it 
2. Meal planning has been on my list for ages and ages. This post acts as inspiration for my slacker habits while this article on protein in a vegan diet reassures me that even if I eat three meals of beans I'll live! :) 
3. Gluten-free bread intrigues me (even though I love my gluten!) but baking your own seems utterly inapproachable! That's why I love this post that really breaks down the steps of GF baking! 

4. As autumn approaches a guide to creating the perfect fall soup seems very appropriate. 

5. Bookmark this post for next summer – when the very thought of cooking makes you sweat

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