Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Coming Home to the Kitchen: My Vintage Kitchen

As evident by the sheer number of 'My Vintage Kitchen' posts on my blog over the years, I LOVE vintage kitchen tools and equipment. I regularly visit thrift stores and am constantly on the hunt for great vintage items in both the luxury and daily use categories. I have thrifted for regularly used items like pots and pasta makers and specialty items such cake decorating tools. I always keep my eye open for that specialty display item like glasses in their original packaging or cocktail collectibles. 
There are many reasons I enjoy thrifting. I love the thrill of the hunt! I like how cheaply one can outfit a kitchen (and in style to boot!) by utilizing thrift stores. Thrifting suits my environmental mindset as it keeps items that are perfectly usable from ending up in the landfill. Most of all, thrifting for kitchenwares keeps me connected to a lineage of strong women who cooked for themselves and their loved ones.

Research: During the course of your regular reading about food, take note of the style of pan used for that traditional dessert, the full priced cost of a copper pan, or the type of jar needed for that food project. I have discovered several awesome deals because I knew what the thrift store had – but they did not!

Visit high-end vintage stores: Visiting high-end vintage stores specializing in kitchen wares allows you to discover the asking price of specialty kitchen wares. If the high-end store has those measuring cups priced at $25, you will feel vindicated in spending $1 for them at the thrift store!

Frequency: Visit thrift stores with a certain amount of frequency to get the best deals. The turnover on some stores is quite fierce so they may have entirely new stock from one week to another. However, I thrift for fun, so I tend to return when the mood strikes me and I still manage to snag some amazing finds!

Open boxes: I have found a few interesting tidbits by digging around in boxes. If you truly explore the thrift store you may find things that other thrift hunters have hidden or things that have simply fallen out of sight. Dust covered kitchen wares offer an opportunity to practice your haggling skills!

Original Packaging: I love original packaging and will purchase almost anything if it comes in the original package. However, original packaging does not bode well for the usefulness of the item. If the kitchen ware is 60 + years old and has only be removed from the box once or twice? It's unlikely to be functional, but it will be pretty!

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