Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Planning: Garden

The dead of winter, a few weeks before Christmas seems like an unlikely time to think about the garden. I have had a few unsuccessful brushes with gardening over the years so I decided that I should actually plan ahead. I think that the key to a successful season is to keep it small, avoid large scale projects the first year, and actually grow things I eat. 

a. Successfully complete a growing season - motivated by An Illustrated Guide to Growing Food on   Your Balcony by lara lucretia mrosovsky
b. Start composting via a balcony composter.  
c. Grow Nasturtium flowers and harvest the seeds into capers
d. Grow herbs and make herbes Salees.
e. Begin growing ginger
This plan should lead to a successful gardening season as I will only be taking care of three pots. The ginger will be planted in a larger pot that will sit on the floor while the herbs will be in the balcony composter pot. The nasturtium may be in a third pot on the floor but I hope to rig a macarame hanging pot made out of a can, which would be very chic in a 70's sorta way.

It was actually quite difficult for me to keep this garden plan small as I wanted to start many projects such as a cut and come again lettuce bed, hot peppers, garlic, and container carrots. I dreamt about starting large scale projects such as seed saving, propagation, and greenhouse techniques. Le sighe! Have to start somewhere!

What am I most excited about? That definitely has to be the Nasturtium capers! I love things that are simply unavailble through the industrial food system and these 'capers' definitely qualify!


If you need some mid-winter garden inspiration check out my 'Growing' board!

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