Friday, December 21, 2012

Kick this holiday's ass!

Jetta Vegas, of RadicalUprising, was kind enough to write a guest post food themed '7 ways to kick this week's ass' for my blog a few months ago. Her weekly post is one of the few blog features that I read regularity, and that offers me inspiration. I am not a particular expert or proponent of PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) but I enjoy reading her positive statements about living. As this is the week of Christmas, a season that I particularly enjoy, I thought I would share with you the ways in which I plan to kick this week's ass!
Have a handmade holiday. Handmade presents offer an alternative to corporate control while simultaneously allowing the presents to be uniquely tailored to the recipient. Even a non-cooking person can create some amazing homemade gifts for their loved ones. Think homemade vanilla extract or spiced nuts.

Decorate sugar cookies in the style of childhood. Bakeries (and accomplished home bakers) are churning out some amazing, artistic, beautiful sugar cookies. Those cookies might be beautiful but so is Picasso so let your inner child out and pile the sprinkles on those cookies!

Eat well, but remember how blessed you are. The winter season is a series of events that allow, and encourage, us to eat to excess. There are a few big meals, desserts, and plenty of hot chocolate in my future this season but it is important to remember that eating well on a daily basis (never mind the excess of holidays) makes us extremely blessed.
Try new desserts. There are several amazing traditional desserts that are not very popular in North America. How about pizzellas, rosettes, or ebelskivers?

Savour. This season is full of special moments that deserve your full attention. We celebrate Christmas in a different way each year so it is especially important that I savour each moment during the holiday, because they will not be repeated.

How are you kicking this holiday's ass?

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