Monday, December 17, 2012

Inspiration: Gingerbread House

According to my stat counter, last winter's Gingerbread House Inspiration post offered a lot of inspiration. Sadly I did not actually make a gingerbread house last year, but maybe this is the lucky year! If I do manage to get my act together I will definitely be making a 'cabin in the woods' type house
I have even more love for the pretzel siding on this house this year. 
Love everything about this house! The door. The chimney. The icicles. The wreath.

Maybe a size restriction will help me finally accomplish my gingerbread dreams?

How gorgeous is this gingerbread house? How much do you want to live there - in the winter majesty?

Can't stomach baking gingerbread, try an icy house made of sugar cubes!
Need more inspiration? Check out my Gingerbread board on Pinterest. 

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