Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Thoughts: Conquering Culinary Anxiety

My to-do list of culinary goals is far longer than my list of kitchen related accomplishments. On one hand this may be a good thing - as I will continue to learn and be challenged in the kitchen but on the other hand I may just be too scared to accomplish certain things. 

I have wanted to start a underground kitchen for many years. People like Urban Acorn, Vegan Secret Supper Club, and Apiecolpyse Now inspire me but I continue to remain too scared to try.

Other things I have culinary anxiety about include:
- toasters (they literally scare me every time I use one)
- broilers (controlled burn anyone?)
- using my oven over 400 degrees (I think it will blow up)

But I'm not scared of everything. 
I can deep fry with the best of them - sans deep fryer. I use a deep skillet. 
I make marshmallows on a whim as I love seeing the boiling sugar be whipped into pillows.  
I jumped into brewing Kombucha with both feet!
The thing is that one person's culinary anxieties are another person's joy. If you have read about someone doing the thing you are scared of then you can do it too! You just have to jump in!

What do you have culinary anxiety about?
How do you get over it?  


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