Monday, February 24, 2014

Review: Azure

(Excuse the stock photo - the lighting was terrible!)
I've never attended a Winterlicious event before due mainly to the griping of fine dining restaurant staff about the busyness of the restaurant during this time. I always figured if I am going to drop that much money on one meal the service better be impeccable but when contacted for a complementary Winterlicious dinner for two at Azure I gladly accepted - if only to see what the hype about Winterlicious was all about.

I intentionally picked a reservation time that would be the least busy to avoid any server burnout (which means I ate supper with all the senior citizens!) Our server was friendly and we (my husband and I) really enjoyed the meal and atmosphere. We are not 'fancy' people so I went in jeans and my husband went in combats (ps. He is in the military). However, most people in the restaurant were dressed up which I found weird because the restaurant is, after all, attached to a hotel. 

The music was loud and very pop/clubby but the restaurant was well lit and remained so throughout the night. The wait staff knew who ordered what - which I appreciate because I dislike having meat meals waved around my face! There was one host guy who didn't introduce himself but walked around and talked to people - he was the only staff member that made me uncomfortable.  

On to the food!

I had the Dried Cranberry and Apple Salad which was made interesting with the addition of honeycomb and brie. My main was butternut squash risotto which was the only vegetarian option. It was heavy and slightly sickening while not tasting of butternut in the least. 

My husband had the Parsnip Bisque and the Osso Bucco. He didn't complain - which is the most anyone can expect of him.  He did state that they shouldn't have the tv tuned to CP24.

We got all three of the desserts! Cafe Mocha Chocolate cake, apple carmel cheesecake and banana walnut ice cream. The cheesecake and the banana ice cream were amazing.    

Overall, this restaurant really needs to step up their vegetarian game but the service and atmosphere made for an enjoyable evening.  

The Small Print: I was provided a complementary Winterlicious dinner for two at Azure. 

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