Monday, February 10, 2014

Review: Urban Acorn - I heart Robbie Burns

I've been lusting after Bento Miso's Vegan Supper Club experiences for a few months now. Finally, in January (the month of my birth) I decided that that the I heart Robbie Burns dinner would be my birthday meal. These monthly Vegan Supper Clubs are put on (ie cooked) by Urban Acorn

Knowing that the event would be 'family style' and having a particularly high anxiety day (plus a sick husband) we arrived early to get an end seat - meaning 1/2 the social interaction!  The first interaction with the Urban Acorn staff were friendly and the room was pretty even with folding chairs.   


First course was 'Bubbles and Squeak' which was very spicy!

Traditional Black Bun. The pie was a little dry without the sauce but the combination of elements on this plate were tasty.

The hearty and 'meaty' vegan Haggis was the main attraction at this dinner. I really enjoyed the turnip sauce as well.

And of course, dessert. The shortbread in this was amazing. I asked the chef about it - and I think he gave me enough information to try to recreate it!

Overall this night, while a tad expensive, was enjoyable. We didn't really socialize with other people basically because we are weird and like it that way! But the family table aspect of this event could really add to your enjoyment of the meal.

Urban Acorn's Vegan Supper clubs happen monthly at Bento Miso.    

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