Monday, February 3, 2014

Review: Winter Craft Beer Festival

Steamwhistle's summer craft beer festival was very well organized and respected (and added to) the craft beer community in Toronto. So when the press release regarding their Winter Craft Beer Festival landed in my inbox I immediately added it to my calendar. I have been excited about this beer festival for literally months unfortunately my husband (who never has to work weekends) had to work the weekend of the beer festival but I managed to find a pretty good replacement in the form of a food-centric friend. There isn't much better than craft beer and food related conversation!
It was a pretty chilly Canadian winter day but the beer flowed freely (well most of it! There are a couple of frozen keg lines) and the hot cider (discovered via bathroom line gossip) really hit the spot. I also drunk bought a charred 8 dollar grilled cheese. (#noregrets) The festival was well organized once again! Tokens were pre-sold (in dime bags) in the line. Bathrooms were very nice. Water coolers abounded. Heaters and wood fires helped warm people up. Everything was where you would expect it and all needs were anticipated. There was apparently also indoor warming stations/bathrooms but I am too Canadian to require that!
My favorite beer was Neustadt's Everard Dark Mild. The nuttiness was really apparent, even through the chilly weather. I'll have to give it another – room temperature – go to offer any more insights into the taste. 


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