Monday, November 18, 2013

Round Up: Vegan Month of Food

This year's Vegan MoFo was switched from it's regular October to September this year. I enjoyed my theme this year, (You can check out all my September posts here: Kombucha) but I didn't really experience the community of MoFo that I've loved in years past. The main site seemed to be focused exclusively on the inner circle of Vegan MoFo elite. The lack of blogroll really affected people's ability to consistently visit blogs, therefore interfering with the formation of new blogger relationships. 

I will continue to participate in Vegan MoFo as I like the challenge of daily blogging as well as the extra motivation to create content for the blog. That said, here are some of my favourite posts from this year's Vegan MoFo particpants!

1. Kimchi. Kimchi has been on my culinary to-do list for years. Fingers crossed that I'll be able to make it happen in 2014. 
2. Sweet Tea Vodka. I obsessively collect recipes and concepts for infused vodkas and gins. I think the concept is delightfully DIY! 
3. A mini Nasturtium Zine. I tried to grow nasturtiums this year but my summer bike trip killed them off in the summer heat. I wanted to pickle the seed pods as they taste like capers (apparently). This mini zine is all about eating nasturtiums!
4. Instant Mashed Potato Gnocchi. Gnocchi is one of those things that I seem simply unable to cook. I've tried multiple times with multiple recipes. I plan on giving this recipe a go...  
5. Flourless Chocolate-Walnut Cookies. I've been curious about the gluten free lifestyle for a while and have been doing some baking in this area. Mostly as a way to challenge myself and these cookies seem like a chocolatey gluten-free goodness.    

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  1. I feel the same as you! I was super sad the blogroll didn't work until halfway through, but I guess shit happens. It just wasn't the same having to go back and forth between the list of all blogs. Ah well, next year! It was definitely more of an inner circle of MoFo elite, I like it more when it's totally random, but I guess the blogroll must have affected them as well. Thanks for the roundup! Yum!