Friday, November 15, 2013

Review: Vegan Food Magazine

Move over Lucky Peach! There is a new Vegan Food Magazine in town! The new magazine is called... Vegan Food Magazine. It can't get any more obvious than that! The first issue is out now is 90 pages of digital glossy food porn. 

As a new publication I forgive their shallow, boring and pedantic interviews in the hopes that because interviewing is a delicate skill their writers will get better at this particular part of the magazine. A one page Q&A is followed by some 15 pages of recipes making the magazine extremely recipe heavy. This would be a welcome break except when you consider that most of the recipes are standard vegan fare (such as tacos and soup).

The magazine also covers several animal rights issues. Am I the lone veggie in the world that is tired of animal rights issues being covered in vegan publications, especially when most reporting does so in a trite manner? Animal rights are an important concern but there are other issues that require us to abstain from meat such. I, for one, am an environmental vegan. I'm tired of being bombarded with animal rights issues in publications that purport to be about food.

I did enjoy the travel section on being vegan in Paris.    

Overall, the food photos are beautiful and some of the recipes seem interesting. I will give Issue Two a glance or two as there are distinct possibilities with this magazine. 

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