Monday, November 11, 2013

Review: Bubble Tea with Strawesome Straw

I've had a reusable metal drinking straw for just over a year now. I love it and use it on a daily basis but I've had my eye on some fancy glass straws from Strawesome. I finally ordered a Bubble Tea straw as well as a short cocktail straw. Unfortunately I am disappointed with the product but most of all the customer service. 

The product came in a box that was much to large packed with Styrofoam packing peanuts. Styrofoam is not biodegradable and so is a poor choice for a company selling reusable straws! I emailed, tweeted, and facebook posted about my disappointment with this choice. They replied with this post that states that they get the packing peanuts from local companies, diverting them from landfills. This is a good choice but I believe that they could use less packaging when shipping the straws. In addition, their responses were rude and included phrases such as "Before you pass judgment please read the follow post where I've addressed this issue" and "I wrote this last fall about our packaging, I think you will relate to it!" and "We received your email, your tweet and this post." These responses did not leave me with postive feelings regarding this company.
  I was most excited about the Bubble Tea straw but unfortantly the boba get stuck in the straw (something I have never experienced with a plastic straw). Therefore, the product isn't ideal, the packing materials less than ideal, and the customer service downright negative. The interior diameter of the straw is 10mm while Glass Dharma's is 11mm. That one millimeter would make a huge difference! Honestly, I would return the Strawesome straw but I would have to pay shipping so it isn't worth it. I'll use it as a smoothie straw.

Glass Dharma's Bubble Tea straw is on my Christmas wish list for this year!            

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