Friday, November 8, 2013

Biking and Food

With the colder weather setting in, I've been dreaming about hot summer days and breezy summer nights biking through the Canadian Prairies this past summer. We took our beloved Via train from Toronto to Saskatoon packed up our loaded touring bikes and headed out on flat prairie roads. Like years past there were some setbacks including broken bike brakes, and an illness that required not one but two rescue calls to friends. Great novels were read. Good food consumed by flickering camp fire light. Roadside ducks identified during snack breaks. Memories were made. 

An important part of bike touring is, of course, the meals. 

(My new touring bike - still without a name on a weight test ride)

My luxury item this year was a cast iron waffle maker. At 904 grams this luxury item is definitely a touch on the heavy side for bike touring but the removable handles made it easy to pack. I used a just-add-water purchased muffin mix as waffle batter. It was widely available to purchase on the road as they are sold in practically every gas station in the country! The next time I take this item on the road I will be using a home made waffle recipe. It was a fun luxury item as hot waffles on lazy mornings made for an extremely satisfying breakfast. These camp fire waffles were extremely satisfactory desserts as well. 

While far from your typical 'drunk campers' we do enjoy a night liqueur or nip of whiskey after a long ride. This year we stopped at LB Distillers for a tour and a bottle of liqueur for the road. They were extremely friendly and make some decent products. I recommend checking them out if you ever find yourself in Saskatoon with a few hours and brain cells to kill! 

Interested in food accessible by bike? Check these links out! 

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(A little Saskatchewan foreshadowing before leaving Toronto) 

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