Friday, January 18, 2013

Drinking: Homebrewed Kombucha

I grew a SCOBY a few months ago. I am currently brewing my third batch of Kombucha. The first batch did not work properly - I think I left it to ferment for too long - I blame the Christmas holidays! The second batch fermented from 18 December to 8 January. I bought a chalk marker that allows me to write the date on the glass bottle. This helps me keep track of when I began fermentation. I think that I fermented the batch for a long time but it seemed to work. It was highly carbonated and fizzed a lot when I poured it into the bottle to start a new batch. 

I do not drink a lot of soda and wanted to try brewing Kombucha for interest sake rather than to make a product to drink on a regular base. However, I have started the third batch. I think I like touching the SCOBY!

I want to start making flavoured Kombucha next.  

Have you brewed? Please leave me advice in the comments! 

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