Monday, January 7, 2013

Drinking: Beer - and a lot of it.

We are a beer family. This holiday we, a family of two, consumed three @Junction_Craft
Growlers (2 red, 1 winter warmer), 2 Mill Street Cobblestone Stout in canes, Trafalgar Cognac Aged Porter, Garrison Ol' Fog Burner Barley Ale and a few other assorted beers.  The Junction Craft Brewery is close walking distance to our place so we have been back more than a few times in recent days!

Of course, this list doesn't include the many delicious pints we had at our favourite local establishments! Hello again @3030DundasWest!

Skinny Dipping with Friends (by Sawdust City) - was a cinnamon loaded beer that made me dream of sugar plums!

Black Coal Stout (by Railway City) has got to be the most aptly named Christmas beer on the market and a delicious one at that! Iron Spike's Honey Elixir is delicious and comes with some amazing advertising!
Moroccan Brown Ale (by Spearhead) is my overall favourite beer consumed this Christmas holiday. It reminds me of fruitcake (but in a good way!) 

We even purchased a Junction Craft class so that we can consume our delicious beer - poured from the cutest shaped growler I have ever seen -  into a label appropriate vessel!

We have been on a beer kick for months now. However, I keep coming back to Frog Pond Winery's amazing, mature ice wine - which I only had once, four years ago. How's that for a memory?  

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