Friday, January 11, 2013

Crumble Competition: Spent Grain Plum Crumble

I've had these plums in my freezer since my first Not Far From The Tree pick this fall. Most of the plums were made into jam as I began my canning adventures. I froze some with the idea of perhaps someday making a plum beer and a few winter crumbles. 

I have not had crumble since I was a kid and eating this messy tart and sweet, hot and cold dessert reminded me of small town Saskatchewan. I wanted to use up the last of the spent grains I picked up from Junction Craft Brewery as well. The spent grains were used in place of the more traditional rolled oats in the crumble topping.

I am entering this crumble in Naked Vegan Cooking's Crumble Competition. Deadline is 1 Feb 2013 so you still have enough time to cook up a crumble and enter!

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