Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Review: Toronto Tool Library (and my composter project)

On Saturday I headed to the Toronto Tool Library where for $50 bucks a year you can 'take out' any number of tools from hammers to welders to work on any type of project you desire! I love collaborative consumption organizations so we bought a membership the first weekend the library was open. This was my first project using tools borrowed from the library and having the right tool for the job is makes creating so much more enjoyable. 

I borrowed a drill and drill bits from the Tool Library on Saturday and returned them on Sunday. This project - a container composter - has been on my to-do list since I made my Garden Goals post. I bought a five gallon pail and a pot large enough for the container to fit inside. Using my Tool Library drill I quickly and efficiently drilled holes in the pail.  

Then I placed the pail inside the pot and filled in the difference with potting soil. 

Now all I have to do is throw in kitchen scraps along with 'browns' (I'm using paper) and give it a good stir. If all goes well it will soon be soil!

The Toronto Seed Library has a table set up at the Tool Library so I grabbed some free Nasturtium seeds, which are now planted around my container composter!

The Toronto Tool Library is a great organization! The yearly membership does not allow universal use of the library but the tool collection is wide (and growing all the time) and the staff/volunteers are friendly (they all laughed at my drilling jokes). I recommend them for all those projects you want to do (or as a place to donate your extra tools to!). 

We'll see how my composter does... 

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