Friday, May 17, 2013

Review: Kaeng Raeng (Part II)

Remember Wednesday's post on Kaeng Raeng

I am the wrong demographic for this product as I eat whole foods and do not deny myself pleasures in life. Therefore the very concept of a 'detox' 'cleanse' is counter to my worldview. There is something fundamentally wrong with purposively denying oneself.

The caloric count for these smoothies is ~200 a smoothie. So that's 600 calories a day - with the caveat that one can eat all the fresh fruits and veggies one desires - however, someone of my height and weight is meant to eat ~2200 calories a day. The low caloric intact of this product fundamentally scares me as I do not understand why anyone would, with purpose, live such an austere life - if only for 3 days. 

By 7pm on the first day I was dreading the very thought of drinking any more of these chalky, flavorless smoothies so I had a beer and veggie burger at the pub

This eating pattern (famine than feast) is exactly what is wrong with diets, detoxes, and cleanses.

For a more positive review of this product check out this blog post by Vegan Crunk.

 The Small Print: This product was received free of cost. I did not promise a review nor receive any additional financial compensation.



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