Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Review: Kaeng Raeng

I was approached by a PR agent from this company, Kaeng Raeng, who offered me a free, 3-day sample of their  all natural detox program. As a supporter of whole food with a very specific outlook on what constitutes a 'health' food I accepted the offer because I thought it would make for an interesting experience (and blog series).

I am of the mindset that juice is a dessert/treat and not actually a health food. Even home-juiced orange juice presents a problem as juicing it removes fiber (and other nutrients). Oranges are a whole food - orange juice is a sweet dessert.

I am on day one of my three day adventure drinking three daily Kaeng Raeng drinks as well as all the fresh, raw fruits and vegetables that I desire. I will give a full review when (and IF) I accomplish the three day detox. In the meantime here are a few observations so far.

  • The vaguely Asian feel of the company is supposed to reassure potential customers but it only makes me more sceptical of the process - as I now believe that your company has something to hide.
  • The packages, upon first opening, smell amazing but once mixed the resulting drink is bland to say the least.
  • The information flyer included in the package is vague and oddly organized.    

The Small Print: This product was received free of cost. I did not promise a review nor receive any additional financial compensation.

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