Monday, April 1, 2013

Trying: Fresh Turmeric

Fresh turmeric is one of those things that I've heard about for years but had never tried. A mad dash to finish up our Indie Coffee Passport before the 31 March deadline had us running, in a caffeine frenzy, all over the city. We ended up on Gerrard Street. Gerrard Street is synonymous with 'Little India' here in Toronto. My husband remembers making the trek in from Scarborough to visit this strip of the city when he was a child. I first visited 7 years ago when I was new to Toronto and haven't been back since. Gerrard Street is slowly disappearing as a haven for recently immigrated Indians but it is changing and growing and will soon be something else entirely. 

Gerrard Street still has an Indian influence though. I saw these lovely little roots outside a small shop. It looks like a cross between ginger and Jerusalem artichokes. I was almost convinced that it was turmeric but asked the shop keeper to make sure. These roots were labeled 'Haldi' and were 3.99/lb. I do not really have a plan for them so I only bought 0.55 cents worth! I think I will just use them with ginger and onions in a stirfry!  

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