Monday, April 8, 2013

Drinking: SCOBY Jerky

Brewing Kombucha leaves one with many SCOBY babies. It seems a waste to simply throw them in the trash so I have been on the lookout for various uses. I've made SCOBY candy which was successfully so when I saw this post on making SCOBY jerky I decided I had to try it. I did not have any of the ingredients required but I used the concept to make my own version.

My version produces a salty, chewy product that is very reminiscent of jerky. 


SCOBY's cut into strips (I used one from my Coffee Kombucha)
A cube of fermented tofu  

Mash a cube of fermented tofu into a paste. Coat the strips of SCOBY with the paste and leave to marinate overnight. Place strips on a cookie sheet in a low oven for five minutes. Flip strips and cook another five minutes. Leave the cookie sheet in the oven until the oven cools down. If the strips are not dried (but still pliable) repeat the process. 


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