Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Drinking: Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee. These are the things that sustain me.

May is going to be a weird and stressful month. Teaching. Moving. Planning.

I successfully defended my MA thesis on the 30th of April. 

In celebration, I bought Issue #3 of The Lucky Peach and a bottle of Baileys. My Iced Coffee that afternoon, was over half Baileys! 

The Lucky Peach has an article entitled "Should you Go to Culinary School? (Maybe, But Probably Not)" by Mark Wilson. 

The discussion about higher education in the culinary field felt particularly poignant as I begin to conclude my graduate experience.

The president of the CIA  - "the Culinary Institute of America, not the CIA that taps phones and kills people" - raises interesting questions

"How can you question the merits of education? Why would anyone lobby for a less-educated workforce? Just how qualified a person do you want cooking your food?"

"However, the best academic institutions don't just teach known ideas; they create wholly new ones."

My brain is broken.

The Lucky Peach is an amazing food magazine!


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