Thursday, December 1, 2011

News for December

Last month I stated some of my November goals. I'll say I was partially successful as I completed the blog tour, the hosting of Bread Baking Day #44, some recipe testing photos, and a wordless wed about a pie I made from Vegan Pie in the Sky. I think I was partially successful in the commercial Kvass taste testing and I have a really logical reason for not doing more. The other two kvass types I have in the fridge are 2L bottles. I'm reluctant to open them because I am not a big soda person and am saving them until Christmas holidays when there are more people around to help consume it! I have no excuse for not making a homemade version though! I did not complete the MoFo round up or the opinion piece on the recipe testing process but I'm okay with that. Real life kind of kicked my butt last month! I'm sure December will be better. Yes - that was sarcasm!

  • Best of MoFo roundup
  • Commercial Kvass taste testing 
  • Opinion piece about the recipe testing process
  • Bread Baking Day round up
  • Edible Christmas gifts
  • Vegas!!!
  • Gingerbread House inspiration
December is gonna be a crazy month around these parts but hopefully I'll get it all done!

I am heading to Vegas for a few days, if anyone has food related tips I'd love to hear them!

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