Monday, December 12, 2011

Gingerbread House: Inspiration

Christmas is such a hectic time of year. We are actually 'doing Christmas' this year. Usually we are too busy with school and family to set up a tree and make Christmas eve dinner for my husband and I. However, this year is different. We will be getting a tree. I will be cooking Christmas eve dinner. There are various Christmas traditions that have been on my list for a long time. Traditional fruit cake. Mulled wine. Christmas Pud. I know I won't get all those traditions accomplished this year but I will be making a Gingerbread house. 

Building a gingerbread house can be intimidating as they can morph into architectural achievements. I am sure that my humble house will be nowhere as beautiful, accomplishedintricate or beautiful as these houses.

There are two main veins of gingerbread house. The fantastical candy covered house of fairy tale lore and the replica of the realistic modern house. My favorite interpretation of the second category is the 'cabin in the woods' type of house. I have fantasies about creating a version of this type of house this year.  

The details of these houses that I love are the pretzel siding and fence (which I probably won't be using this year), and the use of rock candy (which I hope to use). I also love the shreddie roof, icing icicles and peppermint pillars. I also love how elegant the piped royal icing looks.

In contrast, but also very inspiration is this modern gingerbread interpretation.
My current gingerbread plan is to combine some of the elements from these various houses to make a beautiful gingerbread house. Wish me luck!
What's your top hints regarding Gingerbread House building?

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