Thursday, December 8, 2011

Food Podcast: The Sporkful

There is a really great podcast called 'The Sporkful' that brings humour and craziness to the discussion of food. The tag line of The Sporkful is that 'It's not for foodies, its for eaters!' Hands down the best episode of The Sporkful was episode 62: Call in Smorgasbord #5 in which they discuss the proper classification of milk when consumed with cereal. Is the milk a beverage? is it a sauce? is it an ingredient? Some fascinating discussion going on there.

The Sporkful put out a call for more debates/rants/innovations regarding food for a new series of call ins. I emailed them the following...

Popcorn is one of man's better inventions. The metamorphosis from tiny yellow kernel to bright, white flaky cloud is pure majesty. However, popcorn's majesty is violated when consumed immediately upon popping. Fresh popcorn includes shrapnel in the form of 'old maids', which can cause grave bodily harm. The seasonings and toppings that popcorn is anointed with merely slide off the hot white surfaces. The holy grail of popcorn is the day-old variety. Seasonings and toppings have a chance to marinate into the crevices of the flaky popcorn giving the consumer a revolutionary experience. Day-old popcorn is safe as there is no danger of a hot 'old maid' sliding down your shirt or landing in your underwear clad lap. As an added bonus, unseasoned day old popcorn makes a lovely breakfast cereal in combination with wholesome milk. The day-old phenomenon is especially pertinent in relation to microwave or movie theatre popcorn.

Maybe I'll be podcast famous soon!

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  1. I love air popcorn and hot butter immediately poured on it! Unfortunately, I don't have a air popper (or any for that matter). I could do it in a pot on the stove, but not a fan of that style!

    I love podcasts! I was thinking about whether I would get into them, but I think I would be too self conscious about it. :/